Profitly Penny Stock Newsletters and Website ProfitlyPenny Stock investing is a craft that is learned and for most people the learning experience can be expensive and arduous. Penny stock newsletters are sometimes paid by companies to tout a stocks prospects. At other times a penny stock newsletter will hype a very small stock with super low volume so the share price will increase dramatically for a few days only to crash in subsequent trading days. This is often called pump and dump penny stock promoters who profit from such behavior are subject to legal action. What is needed is transparency in penny stock investment newsletters whereby the reader knows if the publisher is an investor in the stock. Furthermore, these newsletters should focus on making the reader money not the publisher, by giving timely updates before the stock moves. There are very few good investment newsletters but one that stands out as a good penny stock newsletter is Profitly. is more than a newsletter it a place to trade along side penny stock gurus, analyze your trades and learn from a library full of penny stock trading resources.

The website was created by Timothy Sykes and Michael Mosseri back in 2010. The website’s ethos is stock trading transparency, with a specific focus on penny stock trading. Profitly empowers stock traders to display their personal trading track records for fellow members’ viewing pleasure. Successful traders who join the website and flex their stock trading muscles are often tapped to become “Gurus” and their stock trades are prominently displayed to fellow members.

Aside from providing investors the opportunity to trade transparently with an audience, it also offers traders the chance to operate in a communal fashion. Traders can utilize the website’s functions to share information, trading strategies and investing advice. The old saying, “two heads are better than one” rings true in the context of Profitly. Except members won’t just be joining forces with one other individual. According to the website, thousands of traders use the website’s data tracking services. This is a gigantic community of well educated, experienced and intelligent stock market traders. Profitly proves that there really is power in numbers. It also empowers individual investors to interact with some of today’s premier stock market investors. The truth is that a student is only as good as his teacher. So, why not learn from the best?

There are a variety of services available on the website and each service has different pricing and benefits. These services can be divided into three main categories.

  1. Find Your Guru
  2. Watch & Learn
  3. Analyze Your Trades

Find Your Guru with many Penny Stock Newsletters

One of the website’s founders, Timothy Sykes, a famous penny stock trader is thought of as one of the best day traders in the world. Timothy and his partner, Michael Mosseri, use Profitly’s leader board’s rankings to select “Gurus”. These rainmakers provide members with stock watch lists, in depth investment analysis and real time alerts and recommendations. Gurus will even interact with their loyal followers to provide useful advice about past trading successes as well as their failures. The best aspect is that members can follow live stock trades of both the Gurus as well as many of the website’s rank and file members.

Profitly’s Gurus have each made at least a couple hundred thousand dollars through keen penny stock picks since recording their trades on the website. Timothy Sykes, one of the co-founders, is up several million dollars since making his stock trading activity transparent. The Tulane University graduate made his fortune by fading penny stocks that were constantly pumped up through investor newsletters. His mantra was to short these stocks as soon as their prices appeared to peak. When these highly touted penny stocks peak, the analysts who pumped up their value would “dump” them by way of mass selling. Timothy’s strategy netted him millions of dollars and he soon began teaching his penny stock trading techniques to the masses.

Another Guru is Tom McCarthy. He is up big since listing his trades on the website. Tom also made his name in the penny stock niche and continues to rake in handsome profits trading the lowly valued stocks. Self-made millionaire, Nathan Michaud, has earn lots of dough while recording his investment activity on the website. Nathan is also famous for creating the busiest stock trading chat room on the web. Mark Croock, a penny stock aficionado, is also featured as his stock trades have made him plenty of penny profits since joining the website. These Gurus are invaluable resources that are ready and willing to share their penny stock trading advice with the online audience. Each guru has several different newsletters for you to choose from so you are likely to find a trading philosophy which matches your own.

Analyze Your Trades

One of the best aspects of is that the website provides subscription based services so that traders can analyze their trades with the best possible tools. The services uniquely vary according to three different tier levels but each provides members with top of the line analytical tools to interpret their stock trading statistics.

The Pro level is the premier analytical service and pro subscribers have access to the knowledge base and specific trades of fellow members as well as trade verification tools, profit tracking technology, thorough analysis of personal trades and a private profile. Pro level subscribers can also comment on stock trades, send messages to other traders and be listed on the leader boards if their trades warrant such a high ranking.

A “Trader” level subscription provides the same benefits as the Pro level subscriptions except there is no access to other members’ statistics. Novice level subscriptions provide the same features as the Pro level but there is no access to a private profile. Traders can also decide to sign up without paying a fee but they will not have access to a private profile or be able to sort and filter trades, use analytical tools to study personal trades or be able to review other trader statistics.

Watch and Learn’s Watch and Learn section empowers stock traders to study the investing techniques of established traders. There’s no better way to become good at something than by observing those who do it the best. This is exactly the point of’s Watch and Learn program’s streaming videos, books and DVDs. These guides include the Ultimate Guide To Biotech Stocks, penny stock tutorials, options trading tutorials, guides on how to “short” stocks with option “puts”, and Timothy Sykes’ personal trading guide called TimTactics. All this information can help you in your penny stock picks.

Best Penny Stock Newsletters

The Profitly website has a plethora of information and community members to watch and follow. The pricing is fair and can be justified for those people looking to actively participate in penny stock picking. The emphasis on transparency is welcomed and refreshing to see. You have access to many penny stock newsletters, not just one static publication sent out once a month. With so many newsletters to choose you are sure to find the best penny stock newsletter for you.