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Developing Your List of Penny Stocks on Nasdaq NYSE and OTC Markets

Penny stocks, or microcap stocks, usually belong to small companies. By SEC definition each unit will cost less than $5.00 and this allows investors to buy hundreds of shares for a small amount of money. Even a slight increase in price can translate into significant profits. While

Awesome Penny Stocks: The Biggest Pump and Dump Scheme?

Penny stocks have always been popular among individuals looking for ways to strike it rich quickly. Many investors are enticed to join free email lists promising the next hot penny stock to buy. Investors receiving these emails rush to buy the stock pushing up the price of

Preparing Your List of Penny Stocks to Watch

Investing in penny stocks is hazardous business with the potential for great reward. A chief hazard is the lack of reliable and timely information. Where there is information, it is often not from a reliable source. The facts and figures can be manipulated by many parties including company