Penny Stocks Buyers Guide is place for you to learn about penny stock investing. The selection of stocks which hold great promise can be exciting but at the same time can leave you very frustrated and disappointed when you incur losses. There is a wide chasm when it comes to available information and financial soundness of stocks trading less than $5 and even more so for those stocks trading less $1.00. This site is all about providing information that will help you become an informed penny stock investor. Instead of relying solely on email alerts or the latest news, we hope to provide the tools you need to make well informed decisions. This way you can have confidence in your stock picks and not have to rely on guesswork or the latest hot pick.

Our “Start Here” section of the site contains many articles about the fundamentals of penny stock investing. By reading these articles you will learn the different penny stocks definitions. The mechanism or exchange by which these stocks trades is also something that available in this section. The amount and trustworthiness of the information for a penny stock is critical to your success and we devote several articles to this. The site also contains a growing number of review articles where we examine penny stocks and rate them on several criteria. It is hoped that by reading these reviews you will become a more disciplined and successful investor.